Haven’t applied to speak at #wceu 2016 yet? Read what these alumni have to say!

WordCamp Europe offers the most amazing stage of the Old Continent, giving you the opportunity to share ideas with a large crowd of WordPress enthusiasts. In the past three editions of WordCamp Europe we’ve had over a hundred speakers, rocking the stage, offering a unique experience to the over a thousand attendees gathered from all over the world.

We went back to a few of our alumni speakers, and asked them to share their feelings after having set their feet on such a vibrant stage. This is what they had to say.

Karim Marucchi

Karim Marucchi

Speaking at WordCamp Europe was an amazing speaking opportunity, I was able to connect with the most culturally diverse attendees from all over Europe and the world,

recounts Karim Marucchi, CEO of Crowd Favorite, who spoke at WordCamp Europe 2015 in Sevilla.

We totally agree with Karim. Cultural diversity is a key component of WordCamp Europe and it’s great to know that such opportunity comes along for speakers too!

Karin Christen

Karin Christen at WordCamp Europe

Karin Christen, co-founder at required+, gave her first talk at WCEU in 2014, and was relatively new to public speaking. She says,

Speaking at WCEU is fun and a perfect occasion for non-experienced speakers to get used to a bigger audience. Spread and talk about your ideas, no one will throw tomatoes at you.

WordCamps are very friendly, supportive environments for speakers. People in the audience always root for the person on stage, and the vibrant atmosphere is a great inspiration.

Tony Perez

Tony Perez

As an experienced stage-rocker, Tony Perez, CEO at Sucuri, has great advice for new speakers:

I’ve had my fair share [of public speaking events] for the past few years. I’ve been doing a number of events a year, maybe somewhere in the 10 – 13 talks a year range.

They weren’t always what you saw in Europe, I’ve always brought energy and passion to the talks, but when I first started it was a bit different. It wasn’t as absorbable as the content in the talk you saw, that came with practice I suppose. Every time I got on the stage, there was a better version of a very similar story.

What I’ve learned over time is that the most important element of your talk to figure out a way to connect with your audience. Maybe it’s through a joke. Maybe it’s through your design. Maybe it’s through the delivery. Each person has their own unique approach to connection, we just have to find it!

We know you have great ideas to share with us, you have amazing projects based on WordPress and innovative businesses, what are you waiting for? You should apply now and join all the other amazing speakers in Vienna at WordCamp Europe 2016!

Don’t hesitate, our stage is waiting for you, apply now!