Child care at WordCamp Europe – parents, fill out our survey

There are more and more WordPress babies at WordCamp Europe every year. We love seeing kids around the camp, but we also know how important it is to be able to have an hour or two of focused time to go to sessions and chat to friends and make new connections.

That’s why this year we’re planning to provide child care at WordCamp Europe for both days of the conference – Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of June.


All ages are having fun at WordCamp Europe! Photo by Found Art Photography

If you are a parent and you’re planning on bringing your kid, here’s what you need to know:

  • We’re going to hire a professional service with nannies to take care of the children of our attendees which are 12 years old and younger.
  • We are planning on adding some of our volunteers to the professional team – mostly so that we can cover multilingual issues and more fun for the kids.
  • We hope to be able to provide this service for free, but that will depend on the number of children we need to cover. That’s why if you’re planning on bringing your child and want to take advantage of the service, it’s really important that you fill out the survey linked below.
  • We’re also planning to provide options for group visits and workshops in the Leopold Museum and Zoom Kids Museum, that are located within the MQ (where the conference is happening). Those will need to be paid for by the parents, but the average cost is between 4 and 6 EURO per child. Totally worth it. We need to make early bookings for those, so stating your interest would be great. Details on the options are in the survey
  • If you or your partner would like to volunteer some time to the child care efforts, you can and it will be much appreciated.
  • Even though we provide child care, you are more than welcome to bring your kids to the conference itself. They won’t need a separate ticket to get in if they are younger than 16 years old. If you’d like them to get a printed badge and swag, please get them a ticket.

To help us plan better, please fill out the child care survey for each child you plan on bringing to the conference.

If you have any questions, please add them in the designated place in the survey. We will answer them in a separate FAQ section of the website dedicated to child care.

Thanks for your help and looking forward to meeting you and your little humans in Vienna!


The WordCamp Europe organising team