Introducing the #WCEU 2016 Contributor Day and Workshops

Location: University of Vienna (Faculty of Informatics) at Währingerstrasse 29 (public transport) (MAP)

Time: From 9.30 am to 6 pm

Contributor day teams, rooms and leads

Core (SR5, SR4) Dominik Schilling, John Blackbourn, Pascal Birchler
Meta (Open learning area, level +1)  Anton Timmermans
Support (SR9 + Open space corridor level +2) Ines van Essen
Theme Review (SR3, level -1) Ulrich, Rodica Elena Andronache, Shinichi Nishikawa
Polyglots (SR6, SR7, Level +1) Birgit Olzem, Taco Verdonschot, Luis Rull, Naoko Takano (SR12, level +2) Olegs Belousovs
Design (Front opening area, Level +2) Hugo Baeta
Accessibility (SR11, Level +2) Rian Rietveld, Andrea Fercia
 GlotPress (SR7, Level +1)  Alex Kirk
Community (SR8, Level +1) Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Cami Kaos, Kevin Cristiano, Jenny Wong, Rocío Valdivia
Plugins Review (SR3, Level -1) Mika Epstein
Marketing (SR10, Level +2) Sara Rosso
Featured plugin: Shortcake plugin (SR2, level – 1) Matthew Haines-Young
Featured plugin: Customize Posts (SR2, level – 1) Weston Ruter


Contributor day Workshop schedule – Sunday, June 26th

Time Contributor Day - Workshops - Track 1 (Floor +3 - Room HS3) Contributor Day - Workshops - Track 2 (Floor 2 - Room HS2)
09:30Registration and coffee
10:15Welcome and Introduction
11:30Contributing to the WordPress core for beginners John BlackbournHow to contribute to the Theme Review team Ulrich Pogson
12:30Set up your development environment for contributing to the WordPress Core team Adam SilversteinBecoming a Plugin Reviewer Mika Epstein
14:30How to report bugs and enhancements in WordPress? How to work with Trac? Sergey BiryukovTranslate WordPress, plugins and themes or how to contribute to the Polyglots team Naoko Takano
15:30Best practices for internationalizing themes and plugins John BlackbournHow to start a WordPress Meetup group in your city
16:30Introduction to the WordPress Accessibility team: Does your theme or plugin work with keyboard only? Rian RietveldOrganizing a WordCamp in your city Cami Kaos
18:00Wrap up

Distribution of rooms/teams

Floor -1:

HS1 (auditorium): Welcome and Introduction
SR5: Core
SR4: Core + Rest API + Mobile
SR3: Theme Review + Plugins Review
SR2: Featured plugin: Fields API + Featured plugin: Customize Posts + Featured plugin: Shortcake + Featured plugin: Toolbar

Floor +1:

SR7: 49 seats – Translation + GlotPress
SR8: 49 seats – Community
SR6: 31 seats – Translation
Open learning area – Meta + BuddyPress

Floor +2:

SR9 + Open space corridor: Support
SR10: 31 seats – Marketing
SR11: 20 seats – Accessibility
SR12: 20 seats – WordPress TV
HS2 (auditorium): – Workshop Track 2
Open learning area – Documentation
Frontal opening area – Design

Floor +3

HS3 (auditorium): – Workshop Track 1

Lunch (Floor -1, next to SR2)


Floor -1: 12:45 pm
Floor +1: 13:00 pm
Floor +2: 13:15 pm
Workshops: 13:30 pm

We highly recommend signing up for Contributor day to anyone who really wants to feel the spirit of the WordPress community. Come learn how WordPress is made and help make WordPress! 🙂

See you there!


The organising team.