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Track 2, Saturday afternoon


Friday, June 24th

Time Track 2 - Halle G
09:30Connected WordPress Gary Pendergast
10:00Making Ads Great Again Adam Silverstein
10:30Short Talks: WordPress Hardening – Ten tips in ten minutes, What’s New in PHP7 and what to expect in PHP7.1 Dan Blows, Maurizio Pelizzone
11:00Morning Break
11:30Thinking outside the box(model) – An introduction to Flexbox Luc Princen
12:00Assistive Technology Demo Graham Armfield
12:30Short Talks: Your content is trapped – How a proper content architecture can save it, Publish in 10 Minutes Per Day Thomas Kräftner, Andrea Badgley
14:30Interview and Q&A – Streaming Matt Mullenweg
15:30Editing Text at The New York Times Eric Lewis
16:00Seven Times Faster : A Study in frontend Optimization Peter Wilson
16:30Afternoon Break
17:00“Caring is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”—Thoughts on WordPress Plugin UI Caspar Hübinger
17:30Closing the gap: Developing your support philosophy Erica Varlese, Pam Kocke

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Saturday, June 25th

Time Track 2 - Halle G
09:30The (rebirth of the) Italian community Francesca Marano
10:00My friend the Impostor Syndrome Sonja Leix
10:30Short Talks: Handling Anxiety, The Science of Happiness Tom Nowell, Davor Altman
11:00Morning Break
11:30Moving the design process to the browser Lucijan Blagonić
12:00Emotional Interfaces Tammie Lister
12:30The Swiss Knife of a WordPress Developer Ivelina Dimova
14:30Privacy and the Web: are you doing what it takes? Anders Jensen-Urstad, Amelia Andersdotter
15:00The Discovery & Definition Approach to Project Planning David Lockie
15:30Using Composer to create manageable WordPress websites Anna Ladoshkina
16:30Afternoon Break
17:00Dealing with different client cultures Karim Marucchi
17:30From Blogger to WordPress Core Committer Pascal Birchler

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