Anna Ladoshkina

I’m developing websites on WordPress for NGOs in Russia since 2006 as a freelancer. There were projects of various scales among them – small charity organizations and large and well-known foundations.

Apart from that I’m working with team (that’s open educational project for NGOs) to promote web-technologies and WordPress in particular for NGOs in our country. We create events and educational materials to help Russian charities become more efficient on the web.

Details of my professional experience could be found at LinkedIn.

I’m a self-educated specialist and used to adopt new techniques and tools on my own. I suppose that my experience could be interesting from this perspective – how to start to use something new with already known piece of software, how to overcome your own habits and become more efficient by using modern developing practices.

I suppose that I can share my experience on how to start using modern tools when you are developing websites (not themes of plugins), how to manage such projects and how they are different. I think many WordPress-developers meet with such difficulties nowadays especially if they are small studios or freelancers without devops team of something like that.


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