First photos from #WCEU

Do you miss #WCEU already?

We are lucky enough to have some amazing photographers that documented WCEU for us this year. Over the next week, we are going to collect all those pictures in our Flickr account and also link their posts for you. Until then, we’re posting a first batch fresh out of the lens for you all.

See the first photos from #WCEU

We would also like to ask you to join us in saying a big thank you to our amazing photography team – Tammie Lister, Florian Ziegler, Vladimir Petkov, Kari Leigh, Marco Pereirinha, Jonas Andrijauskas, Cristian Ungureanu, Thomas Bruehl, Giorgio Minguzzi, Mark Smallman, Eric Wayaffe, Stefan Carstocea, Kristen Symonds, Igor Zinovyev and Igor Klimer!

2016 WCEU Vienna Flickr Selection

Vladimir Petkov and Kari Leigh capture #WCEU


Like every year before, we had Florian Ziegler on the ground – this time as an official photographer. Florian already published his first selection of #WCEU photos.

See Florian Ziegler WordCamp Europe 2016 photo selection

WordCamp Europe organiser Luca Sartoni, who’s also an extremely talented photographer, also published a beautiful album of WordCamp Europe photos:

See Luca Sartoni’s Album WordCamp Europe 2016 on Flickr

Did you take photos at WordCamp Europe? Post a link in the comments and we’ll include it in this post.

Follow this site and our social media channels in the following days. We’re going to bring you right back to the magic of WordCamp Europe.