Meeting people is easy! Join the #WCEU Tribe Meetups and Speed Networking

They’re back! We know how important it is to meet people at WordCamp Europe, and while we know everyone is friendly and outgoing, we thought we’d give you some specific occasions to get to meet others.

We’ll be bringing back two favorites from last year: Speed Networking and Tribe Meetups. Read on for more information about both!

11722484_575610412579504_4848214518308729828_oSpeed Networking

During both morning breaks (at 11am), we’ll do some speed networking! You’ll have ~2-3 minutes to introduce yourself to and meet someone from the WordPress community, and when you hear the signal, you’ll switch and move on to someone else! We’re hoping you’ll get to meet 5-6 new people you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise.

What do I need to do to participate?

Show up in Leopold Museum during the morning breaks (at 11am). Bring your business cards!

Do I need to sign up before then?


Tribe Meetups

In parallel with the amazing content being covered in various sessions over the two days, we’re also going to have a room dedicated to specific interest groups so you can get to know each other and talk about your common interests in Tribe Meetups.

The Tribe Meetups are absolutely optional, unstructured, and unmoderated – we’ll provide a room to gather, and you can bring yourself and be ready to meet your fellow tribe members. The primary focus is networking and meeting others!

What do I need to do to participate?

Go to the appointed room during the time slot for your tribe, indicated below. Please don’t go into the tribe meetup room unless it’s your tribe meeting so we can keep conversations focused.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

The space is not unlimited, so it would be good if you do. If you’re interested in attending, please fill out this formRegistration now is not a requirement to attend, nor is it a commitment to be there, but we’d like to get a sense of participation interest prior to the event. Let other people know via Twitter which Tribe Meetup(s) you’ll be attending!

Speed networking at WordCamp Europe 2015

Speed networking at WordCamp Europe 2015

Wait, that’s not enough time! Enter: the Unconference & Leopold Museum networking spaces

Tribe Meetups are about meeting up and networking. If you’ve got something deeper to discuss, we’ve got some options for you, too! People will be able to sign up on Friday to give a flash talk on Saturday afternoon during the Unconference.  

In addition, the Leopold Museum foyer and hall 3 will be set up as a networking and hang out lounges, giving you a chance to continue conversations started during tribe meetups or the unconference and spend some quality time with fellow WordPressers.

Stay tuned for more details!

Tribe Meetups Schedule

The times for meetups will roughly mirror the regular conference sessions with starting times and breaks at the same time, and all Tribe Meetups will take place in the Leopold Museum.

Day 1, Friday, June 24th

10:00 Community
10:30 Plugin authors
11:00 Speed Networking
11:30 Support
12:00 Theme Authors
12:30 Multilingual
16:00 Agencies
17:00 Accessibility
17:30 Freelancers

Day 2, Saturday, June 25th

10:00 Content Creators & Bloggers
10:30 BuddyPress
11:00 Speed Networking
11:30 Mobile Development
12:00 Designers

Didn’t you say something about warm up events the day before the conference?

We did!

And you can help us make them happen. With so many people coming to Vienna early, there will be a lot happening on Thursday.

We will post a list of all the activities soon. And If you’d like to organise something fun for  WordPress people (that would be ace!), give us a shout on Twitter!

Excited about it all already?

Us too! See you in less than a month.

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