Meet the European WordPress Communities – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, HungaryThis is the third article in our series about European communities. We started this series by presenting the communities from Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. Last week we presented the communities from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, and today we’re going west to present you the communities of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

These four countries have a strong historical connection, with people living in the same Austro-Hungarian Empire less than 100 years ago. This lasted even longer in the case of Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia as they were part of Yugoslavia, a country that broke down in a horrible war just 25 years ago. But today, older people could learn a valuable lesson from these “young forces” that work together to build communities on top of the most popular open source software in the world: WordPress. Continue reading Meet the European WordPress Communities – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary

Give a warm welcome to Sucuri as a #WCEU Administrator sponsor

Please welcome our next Administrator sponsor – Sucuri, and join us in saying a huge thank you to the Sucuri team for their continuous support of the WordPress community in Europe.

140710690 - 070715_Sucuri_LightBackground_NoTagline_XLarge

Sucuri builds the best and most affordable cloud-based security technologies and service that every website, regardless of platform, can employ. They offer to website owners the most concise security resource on the web for the security of their website[s].

Don’t miss their booth in Vienna, drop by, check out their awesome services or just say hello to their team.


Meet the European WordPress Communities – Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia


WordCamp Europe is getting closer and today we’re continuing our series on European communities. After introducing Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, today we’d like you to meet the communities from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

This article is really special because two of the mentioned communities—Turkish and Russian—are spanned across two continents: Europe and Asia. Connecting continents and people, WordPress is building a better world ❤️ Continue reading Meet the European WordPress Communities – Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia

Meet the third group of #WCEU speakers!

There are less than 9 weeks left to WordCamp Europe and we’re excited to welcome our next group of WordCamp Speakers – Gábor Hojtsy, Lesley Molecke, Anna Ladoshkina, Pascal Birchler, Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Maurizio Pelizzone.

Gábor HojtsyGábor_Hojtsy(2)

The #WCEU team is extremely happy to welcome Gábor Hojtsy, one of the lead Drupal developers, to the WordCamp Europe 2016 stage.

Gábor is an open source enthusiast and contributor, most active as a Drupal developer, working with and on the open source project itself at Acquia. He was the release maintainer for Drupal 6, the initiator and lead of, Drupal’s software localization site and lead to the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative.

He started off contributing to Open Source in 2000 when he became an active contributor to the PHP Documentation team and became the lead to that team and the lead to the website team for years. He is the technical editor of the first Hungarian PHP developer book, he’s led courses on web technologies and co-organized various PHP and generic web development conferences in Hungary.

He started working with and on Drupal in 2003, and became devoted to the multilingual functionality and sometimes the lack thereof. He is an active contributor ever since and has co-organizer of DrupalCon Szeged 2008 and Drupal Dev Days 2014.

He’s a father of an amazing boy, loves reading non-fiction and is very passionate about singing, music and amateur acting, especially when these three are all combined.

Lesley Molecke

Lesley Molecke

Lesley Molecke

Lesley is the co-founder of boutique WordPress agency, Cornershop Creative, which focuses on helping nonprofit and small business customers set and meet their goals online. She’s been working on the web since she was in high school and ran her own small web design shop before she could drive.

Prior to founding Cornershop Creative, she managed enterprise-level CMS rollouts for both the City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Public Schools (one of the largest districts in the US) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Lesley and her co-founders have turned a pipe dream of a business into a reality that employs 10 remote employees and helps more than 100 nonprofit customers each year.

Pascal Birchler

Pascal Birchler

Pascal Birchler

Pascal is a 22-year-old student and web developer from Switzerland. He contributes to WordPress whether it is by organising local events, or through direct core contributions.

His passion is to help other people, whether it’s by cooking, building awesome websites, or by blogging. He’s been working with WordPress for years and he’s involved with both the German-speaking and the international community.

Pascal received commit access to WordPress core after leading the embeds feature plugin included in WordPress 4.4.

He had a great time at WordCamp Europe 2015 and is coming back in 2016 to share his experience about contributing to WordPress with others and inspire people to do the same.

Anna Ladoshkina

Anna Ladoshkina

Anna Ladoshkina

Anna has been developing websites on WordPress for NGOs in Russia since 2006 as a freelancer.

Apart from that, Anna is working with team (that’s open educational project for NGOs) to promote web-technologies and WordPress in particular for NGOs in Russia. Her team creates events and educational materials to help Russian charities become more efficient on the web.

Anna is a self-educated specialist and used to adopt new techniques and tools on her own.

Anna will share her experience on how to start using modern tools when you are developing websites (not themes of plugins), how to manage such projects and how they are different.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Morten Rand Hendriksen

Morten Rand Hendriksen

Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a senior staff author at, a LinkedIn Company, with 60+ courses published.

When not creating training materials for, Morten teaches Instructional Design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, co-organizes the Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group, and contributes to WordPress core and community projects.

In his spare time, he reads sci-fi and philosophy, tries to find time to play guitar, and wears out his dance shoes on the ballroom floor.

Maurizio Pelizzone

Maurizio Pelizzone

Maurizio Pelizzone

Maurizio Pelizzone is a WordPress Developer from Italy. He discovered WordPress ten years ago and since then he’s used if for a wide range of personal and professional projects.

Today his web agency archives a lot of beautiful WordPress sites, made in collaboration with many freelancers, designers and communication agencies.

His free time is dedicated to his wife and son, he loves taking shots with his reflex camera and playing board games with his friends.

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Welcome WooCommerce as an Administrator sponsor of #WCEU

WooCommerce is sponsoring #WCEU 2016 at the Administrator level. Join us in saying a big thank you for their continuous support! Stop by their booth during the conference days in Vienna and say “Hello”!

woocommerce-logo-e1429552613105Powering over 30% of online stores, WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. Powered by WordPress and built by WooThemes, the goal of WooCommerce is to allow you to sell anything online – beautifully. You can integrate with payment processors, easily manage shipping methods and inventory, set up flexible tax rules, and view detailed store reports all from your WordPress dashboard.

With a free core platform and hundreds of premium add-ons available, WooCommerce allows you to set up an online shop with functionality catered to your store’s needs.

Sign up for WordCamp Europe 2016 Contributor Day!

WordPress is created by thousands of people just like you. You don’t have to be a developer or a designer to start contributing.

If you answered a single question on forums, I have a surprise for you – you already contributed! But, you should come to WordCamp Europe Contributor Day on Sunday, June 26th,  and learn new ways of giving back to the community.

Sign up for #WCEU Contributor Day on Sunday, June 26!

Did I mention that this would probably be the largest Contributor Day ever? Now’s your chance to write history.

What are contributor days?

The Design team at WCEU 2015 Contributor day. Photo by

The Design team at WCEU 2015 Contributor day. Photo by

Contributor days give you a special opportunity to share a room with some of the awesomest developers, designers and community enthusiasts from all over the world. So, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered nonetheless you’re a seasoned contributor or if this will be your first Contributor day. Ever.

Every year Contributor days get bigger with more and more people involved. WordPress is now running 25% of the World Wide Web and it needs our help. And there are so may ways you could help. From helping the Theme Review team, working on Translations, Community, Docs, Support, Accessibility or – to name just a few. And don’t forget – that’s not nearly all. You could also contribute to Core, Design, GlotPress, Mobile… the list goes on and on.

We encourage you to take part of Contributor Day especially if you have never contributed before and you’re looking for a way to get started.

Become a WordPress Contributor!

If you’ve never contributed to WordPress before, WordCamp Europe would be a great place to start. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to help the projects, such as:

WordCcamp Europe 2016 Contributor Day

  • Core – improve the main WordPress platform
  • Theme Review – join the team responsible for the high quality in the Themes Directory on
  • Translations – make WordPress and its accompanying resources available in your language
  • Community – improve the WordCamp and meetup organization processes
  • Docs – improve the Codex, handbooks and other online resources for WordPress users and developers
  • Support – spread some happiness by helping out WordPress users in the support forums
  • Design – UI and UX updates
  • Accessibility – test and improve the accessibility of the WordPress project
  • – reviews and approves every video submitted to They also help WordCcamps with video post-production.
  • GlotPress – help to improve the collaborative, web-based software translation tool, which was recently converted into a WordPress plugin
  • Mobile – with the growing number of mobile devices on a daily basis, let’s make WordPress more mobile-friendy
  • Meta – help the main WordPress websites such as or
  • BuddyPress & bbPress – grow the community building group by helping each of these projects
  • Marketing – join and contribute to WordPress with other marketers from all around the globe
  • Rest API – join the Rest API team and start contributing to the future of WordPress
  • Training – join the group of educators teaching WordPress around the globe

See? There’s plenty of room for everyone, and we’re more than happy to welcome newcomers to each of the WordPress Contributors team!

If you’re not sure which team is best for you, check out the Make WordPress website and all of the active teams.

What do I need?

Don’t forget your laptop and charger – you’ll need them during the contributing process.

Sign up for (or make sure that you already have):

Currently, the main communication medium for contributors is Slack, so download a desktop version or use the web one with your credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the Contributors day, reach out to any organizer or use the #wceu hashtag on Twitter.

For Experienced Contributors

If you’re an experienced WordPress contributor, join the Contributor Day! We are looking for more mentors for the people starting out, and your experience would be a great asset for the day.

If you are interested in helping out and/or mentor new contributors with a specific team, let us know!

Plan For the Day

The Contributor Day will start at 11am on June 26th at the Vienna University in the city center. And we will wrap up at 6pm. Make sure that you are present at 11am when we will introduce the team leaders and the room that each team would be using for brainstorming and work.

Lunch would be available, so don’t forget to mark your dietary requirements (if any) in the form below.

In addition to the contributing teams, workshops would also be given at a separate room at the building. Nothing is set in stone yet and you will be able to switch teams or attend some of the workshops.

Sign Up Now

Fill in the form below to secure your place. The places are limited so act fast and reserve your slot!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Say hello to our next group of #WCEU speakers!

Hello, everyone and we hope you’re having an awesome Tuesday! Please join us in welcoming the next group of WordCamp Europe speakers: Siobhan McKeown, Tomaz Zaman, K.Adam White, Peter Wilson, Erica Varlese, Pam Kocke and Eric Lewis!

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan is a writer, editor, event organiser, WordPress contributor, public speaker, and free software advocate. She recently completed a book about the history of the WordPress project, which is available on the WordPress github account.

Siobhan is a WordPress contributor, having contributed to nearly every release since 3.0 and was previously active in the documentation project. She’s organised numerous WordCamps, including #WCEU twice so she knows how hard the team is working right now!

She’s worked remotely for more than five years now and her current project is a book about remote work, which she’s writing for Repeater Books.

Tomaz Zaman

Tomaz Zaman

Tomaz Zaman

Born and raised in central Slovenia. After having moved to the most remote part of the country with his family, he had to look online for work and found a couple of issues that online outsourcing services have and decided to build my own. Having 0 experience with WordPress at the time was quite a challenge, but luckily the community was warm and welcoming and the business is growing ever since because there’s a need for a matchmaking service like ours.

When he’s not managing the team of currently 12 people, he likes to write JavaScript. Off work, he’s a husband, a father of 4 kids and a passionate Skydiver.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a web-developer with twenty years experience, a CSS junkie, a developer at Human Made Australia and a regular contributor to WordPress core.

Peter has worked in both client services and on enterprise applications. Peter’s portfolio includes working on sites for some of Australia’s largest listed companies and highest profile performers.

Peter writes at and tweets as @pwcc.


Pam Kocke & Erica Varlese

Erica Varlese & Pam Kocke

Erica Varlese & Pam Kocke

New Orleans resident Pam Kocke works for Automattic, spending her days engineering happiness for users and hiring more Happiness Engineers. She started blogging over a dozen years ago while training for her first marathon.

In her free time, she enjoys photographing and blogging about her identical triplet sons Linus, Oliver, and Miles. She is the organizer of the New Orleans WordPress Meetup, and enjoys traveling to other places to speak about WordPress. Pam blogs at

Erica Varlese works at Automattic, the company behind, where she divides up her days between helping users and hiring new folks into the Automattic family.

When she’s not glued to her laptop, she likes to practice photography, fawn over her dog, and espouse the various wonders of New Jersey. Erica blogs at

K.Adam White

K.Adam White

K.Adam White

K. Adam White is a JavaScript engineer at Bocoup, an Open Web technology company in Boston, Massachusetts, where he writes web applications, contributes to open-source projects, and evangelizes for the web as an open platform for technology and collaboration.

A traveler, artist and enthusiast photographer, K. Adam is the author of a JavaScript client for the WordPress REST API.


Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

Eric is a web developer at The New York Times, and lives in Manhattan. He believes in and support open source communities. He was a guest committer to WordPress for the 4.5 release cycle. He makes neon signs in his spare time.

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Thank you to FlexiDB for supporting #WCEU as an Administrator sponsor

Welcome to FlexiDB who are joining the WordCamp Europe Administrator sponsors! We really appreciate your support and couldn’t have done this without you! Stop by the FlexiDB booth at WCEU to express your gratitude for helping bring us all together.

144285007 - FelxiDB-NewYork-logo-2FlexiDB is a FREE tool for creating databases graphically, then deploying to websites and apps.  It’s been designed with WordPress in mind.  Our aim is to make creating a database as easy as adding post or page.  There is a plugin for WordPress that lets users drag and drop data widgets on to the page.  WordPress was originally a blogging tool, before evolving into a CMS.  With FlexiDB, you can use WordPress to build custom database sites, or DaaS’s to give them their trendy name.  FlexiDB also has an app editor that produces PhoneGap code, so users can create an app that interacts with the same FlexiDB database.

Thank you to our #WCEU Administrator Sponsor SiteLock!

Say hello to our next Administrator sponsor SiteLock! SiteLock provides top-notch WordPress security. Make sure you stop by their booth at #WCEU and thank them for their first year as WordCamp Europe sponsors. Thank you!

139950908 - SiteLock-logo-lg-01Currently protecting more than one million WordPress sites, SiteLock delivers a patented 360-degree website security solution to find, fix and prevent malware and other threats from affecting websites and their visitors. Services include malware scanning and vulnerability detection, automatic malware removal, an advanced web application firewall (WAF), PCI compliance and website acceleration powered by a global CDN. SiteLock provides phone support, available 24/7/365.

Welcome to our first group of #WCEU speakers

Good morning Europe, hello world!

There will be an exciting line-up in Vienna on June 24-25! We’re happy to announce our first group of speakers coming from different parts of the world to share their design, development, business and community knowledge with you. Please meet John Blackbourn, Sonja Leix, Marko Dugonjić, Francesca Marano, Caspar Hübinger and Naoko Takano!

John Blackbourn

John Blackbourn is a senior WordPress developer at Human Made in the UK. He’s a WordPress Core Developer, a member of the WordPress security team, and he was the release lead for WordPress 4.1.

Sonja Leix

Sonja is a location-independent WordPress front-end designer. She’s an active member of the WordPress community, co-organized WordCamp New York 2014 and WordCamp Europe 2015. She has a strong design background and is passionate about UX, the WordPress community, and traveling.

Marko Dugonjić

Marko Dugonjić is a designer, speaker and author based in Velika Gorica, Croatia. As the creative and user experience director at Creative Nights, he improves customers’ digital experiences for international clients. He is an editor at Smashing Magazine, the author of the Smashing Book 4, chapter “The Next Steps For Web Typography”, and the founder of Typetester, an online tool for designing with web fonts.

Francesca Marano

WordPress professional, community junkie, business explorer. She makes WordPress things happen in Torino, Italy: WordCamp organizer, Polyglot PTE, Meetup co-founder.

Caspar Hübinger

As a self-taught post-dotcom web developer, he got introduced to WordPress “Billy Strayhorn” and has stayed ever since. Caspar Hübinger has a fundamental interest in people and how they interact.

Naoko Takano

Naoko Takano is a Globalizer at Automattic. She is a part of Team Global, which facilitates internationalization and localization of and other products.

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