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Track 1, Saturday afternoon



Friday, June 24th

Time Track 1 - Halle E
09:15Opening Remarks Petya Raykovska
09:30WordPress: the early years. A co-founder’s view Mike Little
10:00Moving forward with a mature platform John Blackbourn
10:30Cultivating happy teams, for better business (panel) Magne Ilsaas, Brian Krogsgard, Alexander Frison, Matt Johnson, Ilona Filipi
11:00Morning Break
11:30Empathy and Acceptance in Design and Community Morten Rand-Hendriksen
12:00How NewsCorp Australia scaled WordPress to host Australias largest ‘news’ websites on WordPress VIP Juan Zapata, Dion Beetson
12:30Decision-making in WordPress core development Mike Schroder
14:30Interview and Q&A Matt Mullenweg
15:30The 2016 Plugin Directory Konstantin Obenland
16:00Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and the Stalker Mika Epstein
16:30Afternoon Break
17:00A look into Calypso Matías Ventura
17:30Beyond SEO: copywriting for professionals Marieke van de Rakt, Joost de Valk
18:00Closing Remarks Petya Raykovska

Saturday, June 25th

Time Track 1 - Halle E
09:30Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale Helen Hou-Sandí
10:00Art Directed Web Typography Marko Dugonjić
10:30WordPress, state of the accessibility Rian Rietveld
11:00Morning Break
11:30The Ultimate REST API talk Part 1 Joe Hoyle
12:00The Ultimate REST API talk Part 2 Joe Hoyle
12:30You are too cheap Tomaz Zaman
14:30Inheriting large and legacy projects Andrew Nacin
15:00Using the REST API and JavaScript to create better WordPress interfaces K. Adam White
15:30Open source project management at scale, how 1300+ people improved Drupal 8’s multilingual features Gábor Hojtsy
16:00Rebuilding Babel: Communication in a Virtual World Siobhan McKeown
16:30Afternoon Break
17:00Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch Taylor Lovett
17:30The making of Calypso: a team perspective Davide Casali
18:00Closing Remarks
20:30After party – #WCEUBall – Halle E

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